Connect with a Gay or Lesbian Flatmate - Guaranteed! Pay only on ResultsConnect with a Gay or Lesbian Flatmate - Guaranteed!
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    to find a place together )

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A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) 2-way Room Match Maker - (world first!)

Click for a detailed description of the matching process has created a unique 2-way A.I matching algorithm.
It evaluates EVERY criteria from your listing against the same criteria from potential matches in your area - and presents the results neatly ranked by percentage! works more like a human being
Unlike other flatsharing sites which use just a few so-called hard criteria to select matches or force you to trawl through long lists of pointless one-way matches (just based by area), works more like a human being. Our system evaluates the preferences of every possible flatshare combination and assigns points based on the closeness to the mutually ideal match.

Superior to any advanced search
This approach means you can see and evaluate every possible match but are guided to the most suitable - saving you the time and effort demanded by other sites of manually changing your criteria to see if you can extract any more matches.

One Simple Promise - No Match No Pay Guaranteed!

At we are committed to delivering outstanding value. That's why we make one simple promise...

Our system is set so that it is IMPOSSIBLE to pay for Premium Membership until you have received at least one Gold Star (mutually shortlisted) Match.
How the guarantee works:
  • place any ad FREE of charge
  • receive instantly 2-way matches
  • shortlist a match to make first contact
  • wait for the other to shortlist you back for guarantee of match. That's a gold star!
  • Pay only on confirmed matches!

  • Extra Guarantee
    If none of your Gold Star Matches goes on to exchange contact details, your membership fee is AUTOMATICALLY REFUNDED IN FULL!

    Why our #1 Ranking on ALL major search engines is important for YOU

    Search Google, Yahoo or NineMSN for gay share or gay flatmates in any Australian city and is now so popular that it usually tops the search results. More visitors means more choices and a faster match for YOU!

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    The web's first Flatseeker Multi Ad!

    When you are looking for a new place to live it's great to have options.
    Maybe it's easiest to share with someone who already has a place? Maybe you'd prefer to team up with others and create a new gay or lesbian household? Or perhaps you'd just prefer to rent a place on your own from a gay friendly landlord?

    Unlike other share accommodation sites, which make you go to the hassle - and expense! - of setting up three different profiles, only offers a Flatseeker Multi Ad.

    Three Ads in ONE
    Create JUST ONE flatseeker profile and your advertisement will be matched simultaneously with places to share, places to rent and other flatseekers to team up with to find a place together.

    Cross Referenced Feedback - Winning Your Trust

    At we work hard to win and keep the trust of the GLBT community.

    After all, the best advertising is the recommendation of a happy customer!
    That's why we make two promises about the customer feedback shown on our site.

    Find a place to live!

    Create JUST ONE flatseeker profile and your advertisement will be matched simultaneously with places to share, places to rent and other flatseekers to team up with to find a place together.

    Tick as many as apply .... then click GO!

    Find someone to share or rent your place!

    Create a property ad to advertise a place to share or to rent out the whole property.
    You may even advertise MULTIPLE rooms with just ONE ad.

    Select SHARE or RENT .... then click GO!

    100% Maximum Security Privacy Protection has the highest standards of privacy protection.

    Automatic Updates 24 x 7

    No time to check the site everyday? No problem.
    Every day we email you a summary of all your matches so you can see what's new and keep an eye on any changes affecting your shortlisted favourites.

    Instant Rating Alert

    !The moment someone puts your ad on THEIR SHORTLIST we send you an email alert.
    !If you are interested in them you can CONFIRM THE MATCH and contact them immediately.

    Other sites spam you with alerts whenever someone creates a new ad, in an attempt to look busy and impress you.

    At we respect your time. An alert comes only from someone who has confirmed their interest in speaking with you!

    Detailed & Entertaining Profiles lets you create and read the most detailed and entertaining profiles on the web.
    • dozens of easy to understand icons. . .
    • up to 5 photos with no squeeze guarantee
    • huge 2000 characters of free text
    • add multiple rooms in your share ad or rent ad
    • detailed information about each member in your household
    • view online street map
    • double email addresses
    • select and name your pet
    • . . . and much more . . .

    Use Your Personal Rating Tool to Contact Others - How it works!

    Shortlist matches to send match alerts
    Mark those you like with a tick to shortlist your favourites and send them an automatic match alert

    Evaluate New Matches
    This symbol represents new matches

    Or hide your ad from the other's view
    Choose a cross to discard ads that aren't for you. Your ad will automatically be hidden from the other's view.

    Look out for the stars!
    A gold star marks a match where both people have shortlisted the other. Now you can go ahead and pay for access to get contact details confident that you both think there's a good chance of things working out!

    A silver star is the sign of a match where the other person has already shortlisted you
    Unlike other services you can change your rating anytime later!

    Personal Mailroom lets you exchange emails with other advertisers using your own online mailbox.

    This means you have the peace of mind of knowing that your personal email address can NEVER be revealed to other users.

    So there's no need to go to the effort and hassle of setting up a special hotmail or yahoo account.

    Fresh Ad Guarantee means 100% up-to-date ads

    Ads on other sites can be weeks or even months old.

    At, whenever an advertiser has not visited the site or replied to an email for 10 days their listing is automatically suspended.

    Of course, we send them an alert and they can reactivate their ad with a single click if they are still looking for a flatmate.
    Last Login Time Validation
    And every ad shows how recently the advertiser last logged in - so you can see for yourself that we mean what we say.
    No more wasted time and money replying to stale ads.

    Last 10 Days Stats

    At 2:00 AM every morning, the system prepares a report on its performance over the last 10 days.

    That information is automatically displayed so that YOU can judge for yourself how well we meet your needs.